Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The New Makeup Trend....

 The new trend this year is "Clean and Natural"
This is a very young model with a subtle makeup look.  For the NOT SO YOUNG, a little more makeup may be needed to cover up our imperfections.  But you want to stay away from the Cake Face look.
Sure, most Famous Hollywood women look "perfect" but they  spend thousands of dollars for botox, skin laser treatments and lotions and ointments.  In reality, most of us "regular" people can't spend that kind of money and we rely on foundation to cover up our imperfections.
   As a makeup professional, I will keep it real and guide you on how to achieve a more fresh and natural look with affordable makeup, some of which you can purchase at your local department store, without over doing it!
Me personally, I have dry skin with hyper I need FULL COVERAGE...I won't lie!  Most women over 35 need full coverage.  So contact me for a consultation and we can get started and give you that youthful fresh and natural look.

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