Monday, October 29, 2012

How and why you would hire a Professional Makeup Artist for your Wedding day....

For starters, how about peace of mind on YOUR special day?

You have spent so much time and money for this amazing event, you have
worked so hard to make yourself beautiful and now the photographer
will be taking photos of you all day. Why not make sure you look as
amazing as you possibly can?

A professional Makeup Artist is someone who is trained on how your
makeup should be applied for your photos. Your makeup should last all
day, it is not your everyday makeup that you would do on a daily
basis, it is a little more but still reflective of you and let's your
true beauty come out and shine.

First, do your research. When I say do your research I mean you need
to ask a few questions and have them answered to your satisfaction.

Here are the most popular questions I get asked and a few more that
will ease your mind:

1. How long has the Makeup Artist been doing makeup and are they
specifically trained in Bridal makeup?

2. Do they have proper training? Where did they go to school or were
they self taught?

3. Do they keep up on current trends or are they stuck in the 90's?

4. What kind of makeup do they use? Wedding Day makeup is NOT your
everyday makeup that you would buy at the makeup counter at a
department store. That makeup is not an all day makeup and 9 out of 10
times it is a water-based makeup and is meant to last 4-6 hrs tops (do
your research!).

5. Do they have a website? All Makeup Artists should have a site
proudly showing their work. Look at their portfolio, don't take their
word for it. A picture is worth a thousand words...

6. Are they well known in the industry? What kind of reputation do they have?

7. Has their work been featured in any wedding magazines? An
established and successful Makeup Artist will have work in local
Wedding magazines.

8. Do they also offer hair service as well? This adds a huge level of
convenience if they can style your hair in the same sitting or at
least recommend someone they work with regularly.

You should be asking your wedding vendors for at least 3 referrals.
Ask your Wedding Planner, Photographer, Florist, and Cake Vendor. If
your Makeup Artist is known in the industry they will have worked many
times with these vendors and will have established solid relationships
based on their work.

Once you have narrowed down your selection of your Makeup Artist call
and schedule a trial run. This is crucial! A highly trained Makeup
Artist will book up very fast and if you are getting married during
the peak season of April through October, do not wait. This should be
something you book after your Photographer.

Once you book your Makeup Artist (at least 6-8 months in advance) set
up a trial about 3 months before your wedding. Some brides have had
awful experiences with a Makeup Artist at the mall and want to have a
trial right away. This is understandable and something to consider is
doing a trial for your engagement photos. On the day of your trial,
make sure you have gathered photos of the hair and makeup style that
you want to achieve. This ensures that both you and the MakeUp Artist
are on the same page. A smokey eye to you may be something completely
different than what she may think a smokey eye is. If your hair is
also being done at the trial run make sure you bring your veil and any
other accessories you will be wearing on your wedding day.

A Makeup artist will not only have a contract for you to fill out but
will also ask for a deposit to hold your day. This is Normal for a
professional makeup artist.

I hope this has helped you to get started on hiring your Makeup
Artist! You only get one chance on your wedding day to get it right.

Best wishes,



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