Monday, January 14, 2013

2013 Hair Styles I am in love with..

From elegant buns to romantic waves.

The hairstyles from the Golden Globes are some of the hairstyles I am already seeing for the  2013 wedding season. It was such a joy to watch the Golden Globes last night and see what a beautiful job that was done on the hair and makeup.

Updos are always a style I love on almost anyone...But women with long beautiful hair... Oh my! You just cant go wrong with soft romantic waves.
here are some of the beauties from last nights Golden Globes


Soft romantic waves on Megan Fox and Jenifer Lopez


The makeup was also BEAUTIFUL!
Clean and soft.

Here was one of my favorites of the night.
Her hair and makeup were flawless.   
keep watching so you can see the back of her hair.

                        I am so blessed to do what I love and truly appreciate the beautiful work!

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