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How to clean your Makeup Brushes.

Makeup Brush Cleaning 101

Sunday Secrets

This is the number one question I get from my clients (how do I clean my makeup brushes?)

 You should be cleaning your brushes once a week, if you are not cleaning your makeup brushes just know that they harbor icky bacteria which can cause your skin too breakout. 

In this blog I will be giving out some secrets about what I use and how I Clean my brushes.

You should be storing your brushes in either a Makeup pouch or Roller. Your Brushes should be covered and not out in the open. I know we would love to show off our beautiful clean expensive brushes but dust can harbor bacteria. YUCK! Most people do not know this but it's TRUE!

Once a week grab your brushes, and depending on how many brushes you have will determine the size or how many containers you will need. 
lets just start with 5 brushes. 

you will need:

1 cup or bowl- Coffe cup size
Original Blue Dawn Soap
91% isoprpyl alcohol
Clean towel

Yes I said the Original Blue Dawn Soap. 

It efectively removes grease and also dirt. It is so great that it's even the Wildlife Cleaner of choice on birds and mamals after an oil spill. It is Bio Degradable and contains no Phosphates.
 I put about 4 pumps or squezes into the coffee cup and only put enough water in to soak the brushes. Do not get it onto the wood or the glue will lossen in the farrel of the brushes over time.
Let it soak for no more than 5 min.
I take them all out at the same time, and then I  take a brush and rub it back and fourth in the palm of my hand, then rinse. Sometimes I need more soap so I just add a fewmore drops in my hand and continue until brush rinses out clear. 
I reshape the brush then lay them flat on a clean towel to dry over night.

When they are all dry I spray 91% isopropyl Alcohol all over the brush (not handle).  It will take a few min to dry. then place in your pouch or roller

  • Isopropyl alcohol kills bacteria and viruses. (this is another thing I learned in makeup school)

    Alcohol is what is in brush cleaner so save yourself some money and go buy 91% and add it into a spray bottle.
    I hope this helps  and saves you lots of money and breakouts.

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