Sunday, April 14, 2013

Big Sexy Hair

Sunday Secrets

No more flat head...

Can I get a AMEN?

Do you have fine hair or your hair goes flat after a couple hours? Do you back comb your hair everyday?
If you answer yes to any of these then one of these products just may be for you.


 Volumizing powder can add fullness to fine hair and make limb hair more manageable.
The best part is that it can also refresh your hair in between shampoos.

Pretty much every brand of hair products make a volumizing powder and if they don't then they will be.

Schwarzkopf was the first to come out with the "Dust it" and since then they have several in their off brands like "got 2b".
I still love Dust it but, I am a huge fan of Big Sexy Hair "Power Play".
I think they all have a different texture and mill of the powder. It just depends on what you prefer.
I absolutely love to use it when I back comb. I do not only have to back comb forever but it does most of the work for me therefore not damaging the hair as much.
For those that have fine hair it can give you more volume.

Just dust on the root of the section you are going to back comb or tousle. You will instantly look like you have more hair.
I love it and couldn't live without it in my kit!
Here's to BIG SEXY HAIR!!!!!!

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