Sunday, April 7, 2013

How To Make your own liquid liner for pennies

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This is something I learned about 6 years ago. I used this method for years until I discovered Makeup Forever Aqua Black. I used this method because nothing else worked as well as this did.. 
What I am about to tell you is something that may change your makeup life. Well at least change things up a little. 

I always wanted the perfect consistency for a liquid liner. Sometimes I wanted black and sometimes color for fun and without breaking the bank. You can actually make your own and for pennies.
 What you will need is eye shadow and contact solution. YES! CONTACT SOLUTION.

I find that the Walmart brand is the best over any other brand to use for making liquid eyeliner.
The other brands do not give the right consistency.

I love Mac eye shadows for liquid liner, especially Carbon for black.
The one advice I can give you for making you liquid liner is use a corner of the eyeshadow because it will change the consistency of the palette forever.
So what I am trying to say is either use a corner of the shadow or use it only for liner, because once you add the contact solution it will not have a shadow consistency.

First I put a very small drop of contact solution on the back of my clean hand.(this will be your pallete for making the liquid liner)
Next I dip my angle brush in it and put into a corner of the eyeshadow. I then add more shadow or solution if needed to get the consistency of a liquid liner. You can do this with any color as well. 
It not only looks beautiful but has a long lasting wear. I hope you have fun using this method and most of all it's affordable.

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