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How to shape your eyebrows

They are sisters NOT twins.

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If you can understand that, not only as a client but as a makeup artist then you will have great eyebrows.

This is something I would tell my students when I use to teach at a Makeup Academy. No ones eyebrows are exactly the same on both sides. The only way they are exactly the same is if you stencil them and that is not a natural look.
As a Makeup Artist it is our job to give the illusion that you have perfect sister brows. The eyebrow is the frame to your eyes. As makeup artists, we never just follow your natural eyebrow if they need help. I think this is something some people just don't understand how to enhance an eyebrow.

I like to use eyeshadow for a more natural looking eyebrow, but sometimes a gel is needed.

Star with the inner brow. That point is going to be aligned with the outer part of your nostrils like in the picture above.
The arch should be aligned with  the center of your pupil like in picture above.
The end of your eyebrow should be aligned with the outer part of nostril and outer part of eye like in picture also above. This part is a huge pet peeve of mine. If you drag the tail of your eyebrow down too long, it drags your whole eye down as well. The only time you want to have a longer brow is if you are doing a high fashion look.

Here are some before and afters of brows. 

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