Sunday, May 5, 2013

Eyeliner smear no more.

Waterproof eyeliner

Sunday Secrets

Do you put your eyeliner on in the morning and say to yourself,  "this is going to run in a few hours and I am going to look like a raccoon"? 
Well fear no more. I have the best tip for you and it has changed the way I think about eyeliner. Makeup Forever makes a whole line called "Aqua." We all know how I feel about MUFE They have liners in the Aqua line but I like to use their Aqua shadows because I  find it easier to get more color out of the shadows.

Take your pick in color.

I use a rounded lip brush, as this is easier to clean the waterproof liner off of. 

I swipe the brush back and fourth across the shadow then apply to the lash line for a more natural look. if you want it heavier then use an angle brush for a more defined look.
This is a quick out the door makeup tip.
Your liner will stay on for hours and no more raccoon eyes.

visit  to learn more or schedual a makeup lesson.

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