Monday, June 3, 2013

Making Lip Gloss

Lets make some Lipgloss.

Sunday Secrets

Who doesn't like lip gloss? And who doesn't have clear gloss laying around? I always have one in my kit and one at home as well. I love this really inexpencive one MAX. It's  $2.00  and it is exactly like MAC but so much cheaper. I have both but for making your own lip gloss, use a cheaper one.
Take a small container and pour some lipgloss into the container .You can even make it with Vasalline if you do not have gloss..
Next you will find a pigment (loose eyeshadow) and mix it into the container and mix till blended together. Add more pigment if you want more color.

MAC pigment

Clear containers

  Beautiful Gloss everytime.

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