Sunday, August 11, 2013



Sunday Secrets

I bet you didn't think this was about mascara. LOL!
Too Faced has come out with another amazing mascara.
It has been out less than a month and I must say it is truly AMAZING!
BETTER THAN SEX mascara  was an immediate love.
Yes I know, everyone has a mascara they like. I do think some mascara isn't for everyone. some want long lashes and some just want thick.  If you want both, this is the one for you.
It is the thickest mascara I have ever bought. I can literally do both lashes without ever having to dip the wand back in the tube and there is still a lot of mascara on the wand. The tube weighs a ton as well. This is by far the best mascara I have ever used. I have several mascaras that I love, some are very inexpensive and some are pricey. what I have learned is buy what you can afford but it apples and oranges to me. The less expensive ones dry out faster and you need at least 3-4 coats, so really it is "pay now or pay later".
I absolutely will continue to buy this for my personal use. It is water resistant and gives length and volume like nothing I have ever seen. Too Faced did it again!

Too Faced

I can't say its better than sex but it pretty darn good! 

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