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Sacramento Makeup Artist under eye concealer tips

Under eye concealer for dark circles

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I am always asked what under eye concealer I use or what concealer that I would recommend. I thought it was time, to blog about what I like to use .

First I would like to say that, I do not always use one on every client. Most of the time I can just use  a full coverage silicone foundation, which is my favorite to use. Sometimes just going a few shades lighter will do the trick. If not, then I have to color correct it and usually that does the trick.
It also depends if you have dry, oily, mature or younger skin. As a professional makeup artist I have many tricks and products that I use. I have to look, feel and determine what concealer I will have to use on a client, so remember these suggestions may or may not work for everyone. You may have to play around to find out what will work. 
So here we go...

I was taught in color theory that the opposite end of the color wheel cancels out the color you are trying to get rid of. Another words you need a yellow to orange concealer color to cancel out purple to blue under eye circles. Depending on how dark they are will depend on how orange you will need to go. 

Color Wheel
Color wheel from

I know this may seem like a lot to remember but just try a few concealers above and under your foundation. If you need to hide blemishes on your face then green will cancel out red. Remember I love to answer questions and if I don't have the answer then I will find out.

Here are a few of my favorite under eye concealers that you as a consumer can easily buy.



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